Trevino: “Take advantage of the opportunities to have no regrets, we will also have to be able to suffer”

Let’s get physical. Authentic hurricane of technique and physical and character exuberance, Giulia Trevino, represents all the vitality of the Z Generation vittoriese, more than promising brood on which to lay the foundations for a 40° birthday (next season) even richer in satisfactions and red and blue candles.

the number 17 made in Carbonera is preparing to return at the disposal of Mr. Massimo Zoni, after serving the round of disqualification imposed on her by the Sports Judge for the double yellow received in the last home match against Oristano. We feel the sensations and moods from her in the Permac dressing room a few hours after the succulent derby of the diciannovesima giornata(sixth back) of Group B of Serie C at Barison against the Venice.

Two Sundays ago, on the field of Le Torri, you have extended your streak with a victory in the goleada, yet easy only in appearance.
Seen from the outside, the success achieved in the last championship match in Vicenza came in a more painful way than expected, especially as expressed during the first half. In the second half we attacked the dispute with another attitude and we were able to redeem ourselves definitively, archiving the third consecutive joy of this second round. No positive result should ever be taken for granted, it is a very competitive championship and every opportunity is good to get involved and improve along our growth path, both short and long term.

Against Venice you are among the players called, after serving the round of disqualification. What derby do you expect, against a lagoon formation still burned by the draw immediately recovered in the first round match?
In my opinion, the game we will face in a few hours will be a test of maturity to be exploited in the best way. Compared to the latest releases, and given the opponent's caliber, we will probably have fewer opportunities to take advantage of, and for this very reason we will have to be able to express that concreteness that we sometimes lacked in the key moments. The Venice, we certainly don't find out today, it's a very strong team, che fa girare bene la palla e può contare su un organico sulla carta piuttosto al nostro. It will therefore be necessary to give the best, grit your teeth and even be able to suffer in the ninety minutes, to grasp an important result that would certainly give us a further breath of self-esteem.

How are you experiencing your first year in the First Team ranks, despite various physical problems and the impact with such a long and particular championship?
The approach with the mechanisms of the First Team and a national championship was certainly challenging, but I'm trying to live this experience to the fullest and I've tried to integrate into the group from the very beginning. Even though we started from scratch, I knew the girls who, come me, they made the leap from Juniors, as well as Mr. Zoni who had been our technical guide also on the Tosette bench. For the rest, I always aim to try to improve myself and put myself at the service of the team, trying to make my children “notes” on the field whenever the opportunity arises.

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